10 Free Online University Classes in 2022

Would you like to increase your employment prospects through classes at the world's top universities? You will be given a chance to take lectures at elite universities in the United States for free.

The world’s top universities are offering free online university classes, including interactive course recordings with tasks and final projects. This type of learning opportunity can be a good way for job seekers to increase their skills, gain valuable knowledge, and increase their chances of career progression.

Many elite universities offer free online classes that allow them to receive high levels of education without being restricted by place and time. In exchange for free classes, the universities get data to improve their curriculum and develop more effective technology for online-based learning. Most courses offered free of charge are not credit-based, but some offer a certificate of achievements or completion.

The general term that defines these free classes is MOOC which stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Many elite universities offer free classes through MOOC platforms such as Coursera and edX, or through the university’s online departments.

Here are 10 free online university classes:

#1. Harvard University
#2. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
#3. Princeton University
#4. Stanford University
#5. Yale University
#6. Columbia University
#7. University of Chicago
#8. UPenn (University of Pennsylvania)
#9. Cornell University
#10. Dartmouth University

#1. Harvard University

Harvard University is an Ivy League university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Founded in 1636, it is the oldest university in the United States. 

Harvard University is one of the world’s most prestigious universities by 2020, with the largest number of U.S. presidents, billionaires, heads of international organizations, and Nobel Prizes.

  • CS50’s Introduction to Game Development (Programming)
  • CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python (Computer Science)
  • Prediction X: Lost Without Longitude (Humanities)
  • CS 50 for Lawyer (Computer Science)
  • Systematic Approaches to Policy Design (Social Science)
  • Tackling a Perfect Storm: COVID-19’s Economic Impacts and Crafting an Effective Policy Response (Social Science)
  • Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market (Business)
  • 113 Classes more

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#2. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The mascot name of MIT is a beaver called TIM (MIT upside down) school symbolized by red and gray. MIT was founded in 1861 and is called the world’s best engineering school, and is often called the ultimate goal and Mecca of engineers around the world. 

It is the world’s first engineering university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT is proud to have 1/256 of the world’s IP Addresses. All of the first digits 18 of the IP Address are MIT IP Addresses. Every computer in the university has a Static IP Address. 

  • Mathematics for Computer Science (Computer Science)
  • Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Astronautics and Human Spaceflight (Aeronautics and Astronautics)
  • Getting up to Speed in Biology (Biology)
  • Software Construction in Java (Computer Science)
  • Mechanics: Kinematics and Dynamics (Physics)
  • Electronic Materials and Devices (Materials Science and Engineering)
  • 135 Classes more

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#3. Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the world’s top universities in the Ivy League, located in Princeton, New Jersey. In 2019, it is the only school with more than $3.16 million in funding per student, and its founder’s name is one of the few top universities, not the name of the school. 

Although it is an undergraduate-oriented university, it is also the best in the world as well as a graduate school. In the U.S. News & World Report rankings, Harvard alternates and continues to top the list. 

Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences are world-class. In particular, economics and philosophy are top classes in the United States, and physics and astronomy go without saying, mathematics is the best here. 

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (Computer Science) – Coursera
  • Computer Architecture (Electrical Engineering) – Coursera
  • Computer Science: Algorithms, Theory, and Machine (Computer Science) – Coursera
  • The Art of Structural Engineering: Bridges (Engineering) – edX
  • Global History of Capitalism (History) – edX
  • Writing Case Studies: Science of Delivery (Business & Management) – edX

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If you don’t know how to take a course for free in COURSERA, check out our guide on Guide for the Coursera Free Course!


#4. Stanford University

Founded in 1891 by Leland Stanford, the eighth governor of California and the 39th and 42nd federal senators, it is one of the world’s most prestigious private universities. The campus is located northwest of Silicon Valley, 20 miles northwest of San Jose, and 36 miles south of San Francisco. 

All departments, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, medicine, and law, are evenly the best in the world. Not only is it closely related to Silicon Valley, but graduates have established famous IT companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Cisco, Snapchat, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, Instagram, and Hewlett-Packard, which has a strong image of IT and startups.

  • Introduction to Internet of Things (Computational & Mathematical Engineering)
  • Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques (Computer Science)
  • Cryptography I (Computer Science)
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking (Bioscience)
  • Introduction to Mathematical Thinking (Education)
  • 111 classes more

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#5. Yale University

Yale University is an Ivy League university in New Haven, Connecticut. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and was opened in 1701. 

As one of the world’s most prestigious universities, it is ranked No. 1 in the U.S. University of America in 2018, especially in law schools, humanities, theater, music, and art, and has served as a military academy for world-class leaders in various fields.

As of 2017, it has produced 60 Nobel Prize winners and three Turing Prize winners. As of 2017, the school fund is worth about 27 billion dollars.

  • African American History: From Emancipation to the Present (History)
  • Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics (Astronomy)
  • Freshman Organic Chemistry I (Chemistry)
  • Financial Markets (Economic)
  • Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature (Philosophy)
  • 36 classes more

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#6. Columbia University

Columbia University is an Ivy League private university in Manhattan, New York City, and one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The U.S. News & World Report ranks third in universities and sixth in the world, producing 96 Nobel Prize winners, the sixth largest number in the world. 

Columbia University has a wide range of ethnic compositions and offers close access to a wide range of international political and economic information in Manhattan, New York, the world’s central city. Columbia University is one of the 14 founding members of the American University Association. 

Famous alumni professors include five founding fathers, three presidents, nine Supreme Court justices,123 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 28 Academy Award winners.

  • Introduction to Corporate Finance (Business)
  • Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics (Computer Science)
  • Free Cash Flow Analysis (Business)
  • Learning Success (Education)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Computer Science)
  • Robotics (Computer Science)
  • 32 classes more

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#7. University of Chicago

Chicago University is the top private university in Chicago, Illinois, and a famous for its academic atmosphere. It’s the same university known as the Chicago School of economics. 

As the world’s No. 1 Nobel Prize winner in economics, the University of Chicago’s status in economics can be inferred from Milton Friedman’s jokingly stated formula for winning the Nobel Prize in Economics. “First, it should be a man. Secondly, what should be the American. Third, you should graduate from the University of Chicago.” 

The number of Nobel Prize winners in all fields of natural science, economics, peace, and literature is 100, ranking third in the United States and fourth in the world.

  • Teaching Coding in Grades 5-8 with Scratch Encore (Education) – edX
  • Introduction to Quantum Computing for Everyone (Computer Science) – edX
  • Modeling Climate Change (Physics) – edX
  • Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life (Health) – Coursera
  • Software-Defined Networking (Computer Science) – Coursera
  • Internet Giants: The Law and Economics of Media Platforms (Social Science) – Coursera

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If you don’t know how to take a course for free in COURSERA, check out our guide on Guide for the Coursera Free Course!


#8. UPenn (University of Pennsylvania) 

The University of Pennsylvania is a research-oriented private university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin, it is the fourth oldest higher education institution in the United States and one of the most prestigious universities in the Ivy League. 

As of 2018, prominent alumni included three U.S. Supreme Court justices, 32 U.S. senators, 46 U.S. governors, 163 U.S. congressmen, eight signatories to the Declaration of Independence, and seven signatories to the U.S. Constitution. 

As of October 2019, the university has 36 Nobel Prize winners, 80 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 64 billionaires, 29 Rose Scholars, 15 Marshall Scholars, and 16 Pulitzer Prize winners.

  • Programming for the Web with JavaScript (Computer Science) 
  • Hollywood: History, Industry, Art (Communication)
  • Software Development Fundamentals (Computer Science)
  • Intellectual Property Law and Policy (Law)
  • Introduction to Online and Blended Teaching (Education)
  • 20 classes more

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#9. Cornell University

Cornell University is one of the top eight Ivy League universities in Ithaca, New York. There are 61 Nobel Prizer winners, ranking 12th in the world. In the United States, it ranked 18th in the U.S. News & World Report 2021 National Universities Rankings. 

Medical schools are especially famous, and in fact, they have the largest number of doctors in the United States. 

In addition to the traditional studies concentrated by other Ivy League universities, it has invested a lot of capacity in new disciplines such as architecture, engineering, agriculture, veterinary, labor-management relations, and hotel management. It was the first university to establish a veterinary graduate school.

  • Acquiring Multiple Languages (Art and Humanities)
  • ARCH 3101: Design V (Architecture)
  • The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone (Engineering)
  • Networks, Crowds, and Markets (Computer and Information Science)
  • A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations (Engineering) – edX
  • 27 more classes

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#10. Dartmouth University

Dartmouth is one of the Ivy League private colleges in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States. It is one of the top universities in the United States, traditionally considered a strong undergraduate. 

It is also one of nine universities established before the independence of the United States. There are 56 majors in 39 parts of the four-year undergraduate department, which is a liberal arts college, and students can design their majors or choose multiple majors. 

Dartmouth’s School of Medicine is the fourth oldest in the United States, and the oldest master’s degree in business administration in the United States, the MBA program, is considered one of the best programs in the United States.

  • C Programming: Getting Started (Computer Science)
  • Linux Basics: The Command Line Interface (Computer Science)
  • Retail Fundamentals (Business)
  • Introduction to Environmental Science (Biology & Life Science)
  • Introduction to German Opera (Art & Culture)
  • 15 classes more

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