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More than 4200 courses from top universities and other institutions around the world are open to anyone who has a desire to learn. edX is the best place to take this opportunity right now!

How to Take Free Online Courses from edX?

Before you get the instruction for it, you need to understand what is edX and how it works.

What is edX?

edX is like a big online school where you can take lots of different classes from some of the best universities and schools around the world. It was started by two very famous schools – Harvard and MIT. They wanted to make sure that good education wasn’t just for people who could afford it or live in certain places but for everyone, everywhere.

Since they started, edX has grown a lot. they have more than 4,200 courses (that’s like a lot of different classes!) from over 250 different schools and places. Their big goal is to help everyone get a good education no matter where they are. They want to make learning better, whether you’re in a classroom or studying on your computer.

You might be wondering, what’s it like to take a course on edX? Well, you watch videos and read stuff, talk with other students in online discussions, and work on different problems and tests to show what you’ve learned. 

The best part? Most of their classes are totally free to take. But if you want, you can also pay a little money for some classes to get a special certificate. This can be nice because it shows you really did the work and learned a lot!

Currently, I am taking an introductory course in Computer Science called CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard University through edX.

Think about this – you get to join a real class that was recorded at Harvard University, one of the best schools in the world! The best part? You don’t have to pay anything for it!

This course is just like being in school. You can do homework and turn it in, ask questions like you would in class, but on a special message board instead, and even chat with other students in Facebook groups. It’s like you’re in a Harvard classroom, but you’re really just at your own computer!

How to Register to edX?

You need to sign up and register for classes to take online classes through edX Here!

You can see this page:

After clicking, the membership registration page appears as you see below.

You can create a new account by filling up the form below or simply by linking your Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft accounts. 

After signing up for the membership, you can log in and see this page. And click Explore Courses. 

Now you can search for the course you want in the search box below.

On this page, you can find Programs and Courses. 

What are the Courses and Programs in edX?

At edX, you’re provided with the flexibility to either enroll in standalone courses or choose from a variety of multi-course programs. Upon the completion and attainment of verified certificates from all the courses within a series, you automatically earn a program credential.

If you complete a course that’s part of a program, this will be reflected on your program record. Conversely, standalone courses that don’t contribute to any program credential will not appear on your program record.

Standalone Courses on edX.org

These are distinct courses that don’t belong to any series. Such courses provide an in-depth exploration of a single topic, and successful completion earns you a verified certificate of achievement.

The courses section offers over 4000 individual courses across 31 fields, with varying prerequisites detailed in their descriptions. These courses, typically lasting 4-12 weeks with a weekly study load of 4-8 hours, end by a specific date, by which a passing score is needed for a verified track certificate. 

Courses are offered as either instructor-paced with a fixed schedule and deadlines or self-paced with full initial access to course materials and flexible timelines. Once registered on a verified track, course material access remains available post-course completion, unlike the Audit track which limits access to listed weeks on the course enrollment page.

Boot Camps and Executive Education

Courses falling under these categories are provided on our affiliated platforms. The credentials for these are not issued through edX.org.

Program Credentials offered on edX.org

XSeries Program

Usually comprised of three or more courses, the XSeries Program delves into specific skills, topics, or fields. These are typically offered through our partner universities.

Professional Certificate Program

The Professional Certificate Program is an industry-backed initiative that targets career growth in various areas like programming, web development, data science, and so forth. These programs usually consist of three or more progressively advanced courses.

MicroBachelors Program

MicroBachelors programs consist of 3 to 5 courses that equip you with job-ready skills. Moreover, upon completion of these courses, you have the option to earn undergraduate credit through our credit partner institutions.

MicroMasters Program

The MicroMasters Program encompasses three or more graduate-level courses offered by prestigious universities and backed by reputable companies. Some MicroMasters programs also provide the opportunity to earn transferable course credit, should you opt to pursue an on-campus Master’s Degree program.

Online Master’s Degrees

edX also offers comprehensive online Master’s programs from top-tier universities. Instead of certificates issued on edX, successful completion of these programs will earn you a diploma that’s identical to those granted to on-campus students.

How to Take a Free Online Course from edX?

This is the main page on edX. To select a course, you should click Explore all courses.

Upon clicking, you’ll be directed to a new page. To illustrate, if you’re interested in enrolling in the CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science course under Computer Science, you need to select Computer Science from the Subject menu bar as shown below.

And choose the course CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science.

Upon selecting the course, you’ll be directed to its overview page. This page, already accessed by 4,795,085 learners, provides comprehensive information about the course, including its duration, required effort, and level of difficulty. To enroll, simply click the red ‘Enroll Now’ button. 

Following this, you’ll see a confirmation of successful enrollment. You have the option to either pursue ‘Earn a certificate’ for a fee of $199 or participate in the class at no cost. To access the course for free, simply click on ‘Continue in FREE’.

Opting for the Verified Track at a cost of $199 allows you to 1) have unrestricted access to course materials, 2) receive grading for assignments and projects, 3) earn a formal course certificate for your resume, and 4) support the non-profit edX. The class structure remains the same whether you choose the Earn a Certificate or Access this course. 

I choose to FREE This Course. Now, you can see the lecture screen of Python Basics for Data Science. You can find out how to take the course when you drag it down. By clicking Start Course on the red button, you can begin this course. 

Video lecture provides a video presentation and transcript as well. You can download the scripture by text file. 

The courses offered by edX are not just courses that require watching videos, but courses that require active study given tasks, quizzes, and projects. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science class above states that you need to study 2 to 5 hours a week, which is not an exaggeration.

If you are looking for an online course to learn something new and deeper for your career, I would highly recommend edX for free. 

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