Machine Learning edX in 2023

What is Machine Learning?

In the past,  when developing artificial intelligence, experts manually put a database of a large number of samples on a computer. But these methods result in a lot of effort and cost because most of the work has to be done by human hands.

Furthermore, as times developed, there were cases that people had to put in place no explicit knowledge or data that needs to put many rules one by one.  Machine learning is a method designed to be used in such cases.

Machine Learning began with the idea that learning computers like humans can create new rules on their own without human help. In that sense, Machine Learning is a part of artificial intelligence that can develop develops algorithms and technologies for computers to learn.

Job Prospect in Machine Learning

Research and development (R&D) funds in machine learning and artificial intelligence are increasing rapidly. This leads to a strong need for experts to gain better insights from datasets. 

At the time of writing this article, listed more than 25,300 full-time vacant positions for machine learning professionals who create, implement, test and improve its models. The annual salary for the top positions of machine learning engineers estimates at more than $150,000.

Building data analytics and programming expertise can improve your CV and lead you to enter the exciting world of machine learning. Machine learning is booming, so having the right skills and experience can help you get a good job. Taking online machine learning courses and looking at other AI, data science, predictive analysis, and programming courses could lead to better careers

How to Start Machine Learning edX?

Before you begin Machine Learning courses from edX, you need to check out what is edX and how it works Here

There are two ways to find Machine Learning courses on the edX website. 1) You can find the courses through Search Bar, or 2) through the Courses menu. 

Searching Machine Learning Courses with Search Bar

Type ‘Machine Learning’ on the Search bar and click the Search button.

And you can see this page below. This page shows you 233 results of Courses, 68 Boot Camps, 29 Executive Education Courses, and 68 Programs.

*If you don’t know what the differences are between Programs and Courses, check out Here

This result of Machine Learning is broader result related including the courses based on languages other than English. You can choose any course that you want to learn. But if you want to have a more specific result from Machine Learning courses, especially with English, then check out next. 

Searching Machine Learning Courses with Courses Menu

To find more specific courses and programs in Machine Learning with English, you need to research the Courses menu. Machine Learning is one of the subjects in Engineering. So, you should click Engineering on the Courses by Subject menu. 

And this page appears. Machine Learning is also a part of Data Analysis & Statistics. You should click Data Analysis & Statistics in the Related Topics. 

And now, you can find Machine Learning in the Related Topics. 

When you click, this page appears. 

The title of this page is Machine Learning Courses. You can directly move into the page when you click Here. It provides more specific courses in Machine Learning with English. At the time of this article May 2023, there are 32 courses, 29 Executive Education, 32 Boot Camps,  and 13 programs. 


Machine Learning with Python: From Linear Models to Deep Learning (MIT)

Data Science: Machine Learning (Harvard)

Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction (IBM) 

CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python (Harvard)

Machine Learning (Georgia Tech)

Machine Learning Fundamentals (UC San Diego)

Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics (Columbia University)

Deep Learning with Tensorflow (IBM)

Deep Learning with Python and PyTorch (IBM)

AI for Everyone: Master the Basics (IBM)

Introduction to Data Science with Python (Harvard)

Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence (Harvard)

Introduction to Machine Learning on AWS

Introduction to Deep Learning (Purdue)

Google Cloud Computing Foundations: Data, ML, and AI in Google Cloud

Using GPUs to Scale and Speed-up Deep Learning (IBM)

Principles of Modeling, Simulations, and Control for Electric Energy Systems (MIT)

Machine Learning Use Cases in Finance (University de Montreal)

Analyzing Data with Python (IBM)

Applied Quantum Computing I: Fundamentals (Purdue)

Machine learning with Python for finance professionals (Think Ahead)

Introduction to Python and Programming for Data Science and Machine Learning (LV)

PyTorch Basics for Machine Learning (IBM)

Apache Spark for Data Engineering and Machine Learning (IBM)

Data Science and Machine Learning Capstone Project (IBM)

Modelos predictivos con Machine Learning (Anahuac)

Machine Learning at the Edge on Arm: A Practical Introduction (arm Education)

MLOps1 (Azure): Deploying AI & ML Models in Production using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (

PyTorch and Deep Learning for Decision Makers (Linux Foundation)

Understanding Artificial Intelligence through Algorithmic Information Theory (IMT)

AI skills for Engineers: Supervised Machine Learning (TUDelft)

Executive Education

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy (MIT)

FinTech (Harvard)

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care (MIT)

Oxford Algorithmic Trading Programme (Oxford)

AI-Driven Digital Marketing (Northwestern University)

There are 24 more offered Executive Education. 

Boot Camps 

Data Analytics Boot Camp (Columbia University)

Data Analytics Boot Camp (Berkeley University)

Data Analytics Boot Camp (Vanderbilt University)

29 Boot Camps are offered more. 

Programs (Master’s Degree)

The University of Texas at Austin Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) online

UC Berkeley’s Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) online

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Master of Science-Business: Data, Insights, and Analytics online

There are 10 more programs offered by edX. 


In conclusion, machine learning, as a rapidly evolving field, offers a wealth of opportunities for those ready to delve into it. This discipline, which is a critical subset of artificial intelligence, is transforming how we understand and use data, providing us with the capability to automate complex decision-making processes and create systems capable of learning and improving. The demand for professionals equipped with machine learning skills is sky-high, with a promising job market and attractive salary packages.

Developing expertise in data analytics, programming, and machine learning can greatly enhance your professional profile. The potential career paths are both diverse and rewarding, reflecting the versatile applications of machine learning in various industries. Online platforms like edX provide an excellent starting point for gaining knowledge in machine learning, as well as other related areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, and predictive analysis.

Embracing machine learning could very well lead you to the forefront of the next technological revolution, offering you the chance to be part of the exciting world of artificial intelligence. Thus, if you’re intrigued by the prospect of teaching computers to learn like humans and are interested in solving complex problems, machine learning is undoubtedly a field worth exploring.

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