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What is Machine Learning?

In the past,  when developing artificial intelligence, experts manually put a database of a large number of samples on a computer. But these methods result in a lot of effort and cost because most of the work has to be done by human hands.

Furthermore, as times developed, there were cases where people had to put in place no explicit knowledge or data that needs to put many rules one by one.  Machine learning is a method designed to be used in such cases.

Machine Learning began with the idea that learning computers like humans can create new rules on their own without human help. In that sense, Machine Learning is a part of artificial intelligence that can develop develops algorithms and technologies for computers to learn.

Job Prospect in Machine Learning

Research and development (R&D) funds in machine learning and artificial intelligence are increasing rapidly. This leads to a strong need for experts to gain better insights from datasets. 

At the time of writing this article, listed more than 25,300 full-time vacant positions for machine learning professionals who create, implement, test, and improve its models. The annual salary for the top positions of machine learning engineers estimates at more than $150,000.

Building data analytics and programming expertise can improve your CV and lead you to enter the exciting world of machine learning. Machine learning is booming, so having the right skills and experience can help you get a good job. 

Taking online machine learning courses and looking at other AI, data science, predictive analysis, and programming courses could lead to better careers

How to Start Machine Learning edX?

Before you begin Machine Learning courses from edX, you need to check out what is edX and how it works Here

There are two ways to find Machine Learning courses on the. 1) You can find the courses through Search Bar, and 2) through the Courses Menu. 

Type ‘Machine Learning’ on the Search bar and click the Search button.

*You can follow the red star!

And you can see this page below. This page shows you 40 results of Programs and 145 Courses.

*If you don’t know what the differences are between Programs and Courses, check out Here

This result of Machine Learning is broader result related including the courses based on languages other than English. You can choose any course that you want to learn. But if you want to have a more specific result of Machine Learning courses, especially with English, then check out next. 

Searching Machine Learning Courses with the Courses Menu

To find more specific courses and programs in Machine Learning with English, you need to research with the Courses menu. Machine Learning is one of the subjects in Engineering. So, you should click Engineering on Courses by Subject menu. 

And this page appears. Machine Learning is also a part of Artificial Intelligence. You should click Artificial Intelligence in the Related Topics. 

And now, you can find Machine Learning in the Related Topics.

When you click, this page appears. 

The title of this page is Machine Learning Courses. You can directly move into the page when you click Here. It provides more specific courses in Machine Learning with English. 

At the time of this article, there are 33 courses and 13 programs at 22 institutions on this page but only 12 programs are available because IBM Data Science in Professional Certificate program may be unavailable currently. 

You can see all the detailed courses and programs according to the institutions in the next section. 

Machine Learning Courses and Programs in edX


  • Courses (7)
    • Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction
    • PyTorch Basics for Machine Learning
    • Data Science and Machine Learning Capstone Project
    • Deep Learning with Tensorflow
    • Deep Learning with Python and PyTorch
    • Using GPUs to Scale and Speed up Deep Learning
    • Computer Vision and Image Processing Fundamentals

UC San Diego 

  • Courses (3)
    • Machine Learning Fundamentals
    • Dynamic Programming: Applications In Machine Learning and Genomics
    • Big Data Analytics Using Spark
  • Programs (1)
    • Data Science (MicroMaster)

Harvard University

  • Courses (2)
    • Data Science: Machine Learning
    • High-Dimensional Data Analysis
  • Programs (3)
    • Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence (Professional Certificate)
    • Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) (Professional Certificate)
    • Data Science (Professional Certificate)

ACCA Think Ahead

  • Courses (1)
    • Machine learning with Python for finance professionals


  • Courses (1)
    • Machine Learning with Python: from Linear Models to Deep Learning
  • Programs (1)
    • Statistics and Data Science (MicroMasters)

Columbia University

  • Courses (1)
    • Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics

UC Berkeley

  • Courses (1)
    • Data Science: Machine Learning and Predictions


  • Courses (1)
    • Amazon SageMaker: Simplifying Machine Learning Application Development

ITMO University

  • Coursers (2)
    • Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Programs (1)
    • Data Processing and Analysis (Professional Certificate)

University of Edinburgh

  • Courses (2)
    • Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning
    • Introduction to Predictive Analytics using Python

NYU (New York University)

  • Courses (2)
    • Classical Machine Learning for Financial Engineering
    • Deep Learning and Neural Networks for Financial Engineering
  • Programs (1)
    • Machine Learning and Finance (Professional Certificate)

The University of Texas at Austin  McCombs

  • Courses (1)
    • Fintech: AI & Machine Learning in the Financial Industry

University of Canterbury

  • Courses (2)
    • Introducing Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing with Python
    • Visualizing Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing with Python
  • Programs (1)
    • Text Analytics with Python

Stanford University

  • Courses (1)
    • Mining Massive Datasets

National University of Singapore

  • Courses (1)
    • Data Science for Construction, Architecture, and Engineering

Georgia Tech

  • Courses (1)
    • Computing for Data Analysis
  • Programs (1)
    • Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods (MicroMasters)

Purdue University

  • Courses (1)
    • Introduction to Deep Learning

TUDelft (Delft University of Technology)

  • Courses (1)
    • AI in Practice: Applying AI

Rice University

  • Programs (1)
    • Elements of Data Science (MicroBachelors)

University De Montreal 

  • Courses (1)
    • Recommender Systems: Behind the Screen

arm Education

  • Programs (2)
    • Teaching with Physical Computing
    • Embedded System Essentials with Arm

Institut Mines-Telecom

  • Courses (1)
    • Understanding Artificial Intelligence through Algorithmic Information Theory

What are the Best Machine Learning Courses in edX?

Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction 

  • Institution: IBM
  • Level: Introductory
  • Length and Effort: 5 weeks and 4-6 hours per week

This course will teach you machine learning using Python. You can learn the foundational knowledge of machine learning using Python and the transformation of theoretical knowledge into real-world skills through practical online laps. 

During the five weeks, it will focus on supervised learning algorithms including classification and regression, unsupervised learning algorithms, clustering, and dimensionality reduction. 

Also, you can learn how statistical modeling relates to machine learning, how to compare them, and real-life examples of the different ways machine learning affect society. 

Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics

  • Institution: Columbia University
  • Level: Introductory
  • Length and Effort: 5 weeks and 7-10 hours per week

This course aims to teach you the basics of machine learning and its algorithms. Furthermore, by understanding the principles of machine learning, you can obtain solutions for real-world problems through predictive analysis. 

This course focuses on machine learning algorithms such as linear regression with one variable, linear regression with multiple variables, logistic regression, support vector machines, unsupervised learning, and how to use data analysis and topic modeling to find hidden meanings in large amounts of data. 

Machine Learning with Python: from Linear Models to Deep Learning

  • Institution: MIT
  • Level: Advanced
  • Length and Effort: 15 weeks and 10-14 hours per week

This course provides an advanced level of machine learning. From this course, you can learn principles and algorithms for converting training data into effective automatic predictions. 

This course will focus on representation, over-fitting, regularization, generalization, VC dimension, clustering, classification, recommender problems, probabilistic modeling,  and reinforcement learning. 

Through various projects, you will implement and experiment with algorithms for the design of real-world applications using Python.

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