Guide for the Coursera Free Courses

To take courses in Coursera for free, you must select the Audit link to avoid providing payment info to Coursera.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is one of the biggest educational online providers and 77 million learners around the world are building their new skills. Coursera partners with top universities in the US and around the world including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Michigan, UPenn, and Princeton. Many big companies such as Google, and IBM also provide high-quality courses. 

How to Take Courses in Coursera for Free?

Coursera is designed to push learners to its paid courses, which can make new learners confused in finding free courses. Most of the courses can take for free whereas a few courses are not. 

Coursera calls ‘Audit the course’ which means taking courses for free. You can find the ‘Audit the course’ in an individual course. If you are in Specialization or Professional Certificate courses, you are not allowed to sign up for ‘Audit the course.’ 

Also, you have to be aware that ‘Enroll for Free’ is the meaning that you can take a 7-day Free Trial of the course. It means you should subscribe to the course after 7 days. So, finding the ‘Audit’ link is the way to take the course for free.

I am going to introduce how to find the ‘Audit’ link in an individual course and in Specialization or Professional Certificate courses

Individual Course

If you want to find ‘Audit the course’ in a course which is called ‘Fundamental of Graphic Design,’ then follow the pictures below.

Click “Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Click “Enroll for free

Click “Audit the Course

If there is no ‘Audit the course’ in an individual course, it means that the course is not free. Only a few courses may be the case.

Specialization, Master Track, and Professional Certificate Courses

If you want to find ‘Audit the course’ in a Specialization course which is called ‘Graphic Design Specialization,’ then follow the pictures below. Many courses of Specialization don’t show the word ‘Specialization’ on the search but when you click then find it.

Click “Graphic Design

Click “Enroll for Free

The Specialization course consists of several individual courses.

Choose an individual course!

For example, I click “Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Click “Enroll for Free

Click “Audit the Course


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