2022 Free Online Courses from Harvard University

Do you want to know how to enroll in free online courses from Harvard University? You are in right place. Just follow the instructions step by step, then you can take the world-class courses for free.

Here is why free online courses from Harvard University matter and the detailed information to enroll in the course.

The Pandemic has affected a lot of our lives. Especially, it delivered a big challenge to the field of education. In the midst of these situations, there has been great progress in online education. According to the Forbes article, the online learning market will boom to $325 billion by 2025, and be popular and profitable.

Of course, not all online courses have advantages, but these days, they deliver great value. In particular, there is a great advantage of being able to transcend spatial and temporal constraints, and there are many inexpensive or free courses. 

Under these circumstances, free online courses from Harvard University help participants develop more employment opportunities by giving them a good look at CVs and Linkedin profiles.

Harvard University opens to the public 727 online classes. Among them, 125 classes such as Computer Science, Art & Design, Education, and, Business, provide free of charge. 

Also, 602 paid classes present anyone to take world-class courses with a certificate wherever they are. In this article, I want to guide you on how to apply and take those free online courses from Harvard University step by step.

Steps for the Free Online Courses from Harvard University

Here is the official website of Harvard University Online

You can see all courses by clicking ‘VIEW ALL COURSES’. 

*You can click following the mark red star !

After clicking on ‘VIEW ALL COURSES’, this page will appear.

You can filter out the courses according to Subject Area, Price, Start Date, School, Duration, and Difficulty. In order to find free classes, you should click on ‘Price’, then this drop-down will appear which is Free or Paid. 

And clicking on Free will give you a list of all free online classes from Harvard University. 

Then you can click on the SUBJECT AREA and select a field of your interest. 

For example, if you are interested in Data Science, you should click on Data Science in the SUBJECT AREA. And it will give you a list of all the classes in Data Science.

You can also select your DIFFICULT level and DURATION from 2 to 12 weeks.

How to Apply for Free Online Classes from Harvard University

First, you have to select your interested class.

For example, if you want to take ‘Case Studies in Functional Genomics’, you have to click on the course by filtering Data Science in SUBJECT AREA and Free in PRICE

Afterward, you should click ‘Case Studies in Functional Genomics‘. Then this page will appear. 

And you should click TAKE COURSE. In this stage, there are two cases you can find. First, it will lead you to edX which is a partner for online courses with Harvard University. Second, you will arrive at Harvard’s own online platform. So I show you how to enroll in those two cases.

Here are the Steps for Enrolling in a Free Course in edX

After clicking TAKE COURSE, if it moves you to an online course provider edX, then follow the instruction.  

You should click on Enroll. 

After clicking Enroll, if you have an edX account, you can begin the class. However, if you have not, you must create an account in edX

Without an account in edX, if you click Enroll, then it automatically moves you to register. 

You should fill this form with your full name, email address, password, and country or region of residence on this page. 

After creating your account in edX, you can take the class you choose for free. 

Here are the Steps for Enrolling in a Free Course on Harvard’s Own Platform. 

For example, if you want to take ‘Tackling a Perfect Storm: COVID-19’s Economic Impacts and Crafting an Effective Policy Response’, you should click the class. 

After clicking on the class, you can see this page. In order to enroll, you should click on TAKE COURSE.

Then, it moves you to the registration of Harvard’s own online platform. 

You should fill out this form and click Submit! Then your registration can be successful like below.

And when you click View Content, you can see all the contents of the class for free. 

Harvard University is one of the best universities in the world. And its high-quality classes are now open to you. If you seriously commit your time and energy and pursue these classes, it would place you in a better position for your future.

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