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Sociology is the study of human social interaction and relationships. It covers various topics, from family dynamics to international relations. While it is a relatively new field of study, sociology has become a popular major at colleges and universities worldwide.

Are you looking for an online sociology course? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will introduce you to the best online sociology courses. We’ll cover various topics, including social media, inequality, and criminology. Let’s jump in!

Can I Study Sociology Online?

While sociology has traditionally been studied in brick-and-mortar colleges and universities, technological advances have made it possible to look online. Several accredited online programs now offer students the opportunity to earn a degree in sociology.

In addition, many online courses are available for those who want to learn more about the discipline without committing to a full degree program. Whether you’re looking to earn a degree or like to learn more about human behavior, studying sociology online can be a great way to gain valuable knowledge.

What Are The Five Fields In Sociology?

Sociologists often specialize in one or more of the following five fields:

  • family dynamics
  • social media
  • inequality
  • criminology
  • international relations.

Remember, sociology is a vast field; therefore, these are just a few specialized areas that sociologists often study.

Top 13 Online Sociology Course

If you’re interested in studying sociology online, check out the following courses:

1. Basics of Sociology | Alison

In this free online course, you’ll learn about the basics of sociology and how it is used in society. You will also explore social movements from past centuries to understand their impact on structures today with our current climate change issues!

It will teach you the basics as well as more advanced sociological themes. For example, learn about Deviance in human behaviors and social movements that affect society. Explore different cultures through their impact on our culture (and vice versa) and discover how leadership styles vary by country or even between individuals within one organization!

2. Online Introduction to Sociology College Course | University Of Dakota

Sociology studies how people interact with each other and their surroundings. This course will explore norms, laws, cultural patterns, and economic forces that organize everyday life!

The Sociology course is designed to help you master the subject in just 17 lessons. The readings, video lectures, and additional resources will keep your mind sharp while completing assignments that test what has been learned so far!

3. Online Sociology | Arizona State University

The class will explore how individuals are both shaped and influence their communities. You’ll learn about different types of groups in society, from small neighborhoods to larger organizations such as corporations or countries. 

You will also look at why some forms. In contrast, others dissolve over time – with valuable insight into group dynamics that can help you interact more effectively when working together on tasks involving many people!

Society and culture are two of the most critical aspects of any human being’s life. Take this course to study society and its positive and negative impact on people through analysis from various angles.

4. Introduction to Sociology | University Of New England

The course will introduce students to the three main sociological perspectives:

  • The sociological Imagination perspective allows for a deeper understanding of society through critical analysis and imagination.
  • Social Construction, where all human actions and interactions can be seen in terms created by those around us or even moments before they happen, includes what we perceive as reality due to its subjective nature.
  • Thinking Like A Sociologist helps you think critically about how people’s lives come together because it examines social issues such as Deviance versus conventional lifestyles.

The average student will complete this online course in about 16 weeks. Many students have elected an accelerated learning experience for flexibility, and because it’s self-paced, you may be able to finish within less time!

5. Advanced Research Methods in the Social Sciences | Harvard University

This course aims to teach you the theory and application of research methods at the graduate level. It gives students a sound grounding in various approaches, designs statistical techniques, and understands how best to conduct qualitative and quantitative social science studies.

This course will help you develop analytical thinking skills, identify research questions, and select the perfect thesis topic. It also provides guidelines for formulating hypotheses so they can be tested logically through analysis of source testimony!

6. Classical Sociological Theory | Coursera

This massive open online course (MOOC) will introduce history’s important classical sociological readings. You will also learn and discuss influential social science scholars, such as Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Emile Durkheim, during eight sessions!

7. Fundamentals of Sociology | edX

Join it to study human social behavior, groups, and society. It emphasizes basic concepts in sociological theory that are found at its core. This course will introduce studying human social behavior, groups, and society.

It emphasizes basic concepts in sociology that are used for understanding how people interact with each other and their surroundings through a comparison between different theories on the process or assimilation influences upon individuals’ life chances within these various institutions.

8. Sociology Online | UA Little Rock

If you want to take your sociology courses online, then the UA Little Rock Main campus is not you. The Online Campus offers an extensive catalog of programs that can be taken online with no physical location requirements whatsoever!

To get the most out of your studies in sociology, you should make sure that each course is taken with its corresponding prerequisites. You can find the most current list of prerequisite courses on the UA Little Rock Online Campus website.

8. CitiesX: The Past, Present, and Future of Urban Life | Harvard University

The future is here, and it’s in cities. Over half of all humans reside in urban areas for the first time! And with that number on a steady rise every year soon enough, there won’t be any land left unchecked by the sprawl of humanity’s progress.

This course examines cities from various perspectives: their history, form, and function, the challenges they face, and the solutions being proposed and implemented to address those challenges.

Cities are a hotbed for many issues, including public health, transportation, and more. The course includes interviews with experts from different disciplines to help you understand all aspects of urbanism!

9. Sociology: Understanding our Society and Culture | Udemy

Sociology studies social behavior and can help you understand your actions and those around you. They explore how our society shapes us as individuals by looking at such topics as culture or religion in addition to more traditional focuses on economics/ employment rates.

Learn about a range of topics and social issues. Understand human nature and society, and what you’ll learn! Explore how key events have impacted our lives from the rise in popularity of different religions or why there is such tension between groups today.

Plus, discover more by diving into some serious topic like origins which has been studied thoroughly over time with many experts agreeing on one theory about where these practices came from!

10. What Is Sociology? An Introduction | Future Learn

There are many different perspectives on society and the cultural issues facing it. These can be analyzed using sociological theory to help us better understand social groups in our world today. There is no one correct way of looking at things!

We should each try out the differing points of view before making any decision or taking action to avoid getting too caught up with what’s happening around us without thinking critically about why these things happen.

In this introduction to sociology course, you will explore sociological theories and topics such as class, social inequality, and globalization. You’ll learn how to do research for your project or presentation using the skills learned on these pages!

#11 Bridging Differences | edX

Colleges are often a battleground for students to learn how they should navigate conflicts and differences. This course will help you better understand others by teaching practical techniques that can be applied when navigating an argument or dispute with them!

Strife and divisions are all around us, in our communities and at the office. What can we do to bridge these differences? This course offers strategies for fostering positive relationships across lines of difference like race or politics.

It also provides best practices from scientific research on how people deal when they encounter conflicts inside organizations with insufficient space available! Do you know how to Take Free Online Courses From EdX?

12. Social Norms, Social Change II | Coursera

The Social Norms, Social Change series, is now complete with Part 2. This course will examine social change and how we can use the tools taught in Part 1 to effectuate positive outcomes for ourselves as individuals or communities!

This course will examine the cognitive structures in which social expectations are embedded and their relationship with norms. It then looks at what happens when these expectations aren’t met. It includes how personal beliefs relate to accepted wisdom among other people and some existing intervention strategies like legal reforms or economic incentives. 

For example, you also explore trendsetters who’ve been successful before you, conditions under which they could work better than other methods used against challenging problems like this one might (or not), and ways you can act yourself!

13. Classical Sociological Theory | Coursera

The world is changing at an alarming pace. It’s essential to stay on top of developments in your field, and this course will help you do just that! Learn about some major sociological thinkers from across history with our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). 

This course is perfect for gaining a greater understanding of how society works or for those looking to build on their knowledge to pursue a career in sociology or a related field.

What Is The Best Career In Sociology?

There are many different careers that sociologists can pursue. Some examples include working in social services, teaching, research, and policy analysis. Each career option has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, social workers can often help people improve their lives directly.

However, they may also experience high levels of stress due to the nature of their work. Teachers may have a more stable job but also large class sizes and limited resources. Similarly, researchers may have the satisfaction of contributing to knowledge, but they may also have to deal with funding issues and long hours. Ultimately, there is no single “best” career in sociology. 

Is Sociology Easy Or Hard?

The answer to this question depends on each student. Sociology involves the systematic study of social behavior and human groups, so it requires a certain amount of critical thinking and analysis. However, some students may find the concepts easy to understand, while others may find them more challenging.

Students willing to put in the time and effort to understand the material tend to do well in sociology courses. Those who memorize facts and figures without trying to understand the underlying concepts often struggle. So, while sociology may be a challenging subject, it is certainly possible to get good grades if you are willing to work hard.

What Jobs Can Sociology Get You?

Sociology can be applied to a wide range of careers. Here are just a few of the many jobs that sociology can prepare you for:

  • Teacher: Teachers play a vital role in society by helping to educate the next generation. 
  • Counselor: Counselors work with individuals, families, and groups to help them cope with life’s challenges. 
  • Social worker: Social workers help people access the necessary resources to improve their lives. 

There are many other jobs that sociology can prepare you for, so if you’re interested in pursuing a career in this field, be sure to explore all your options. Now let’s look at if it is worth taking Free Online Courses With Certificates and the 10 Best Websites For Online Courses!

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