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Diversity is the greatest strength in business, which is why an online master degree in Spanish can be your best asset. It will allow you to open more doors in your career and become more successful.

Think about your career goals and what you want to achieve. The best online master’s degree in Spanish will give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. Some factors to consider when choosing the best online master’s degree in Spanish include:

  • The reputation of the program
  • The quality of the curriculum
  • The success of the students
  • The placement rate of graduates
  • The average salary of graduates

This is not an easy decision, but it is one that you must make. Choosing the right program to get the best education is essential. This article will help you choose the best online master’s degree in Spanish!

Are Online Master’s Degrees Respected?

In recent years, online education has become increasingly popular, with more and more students opting to take courses remotely. While there is still some debate about the value of online degrees, there is no doubt that they are becoming more and more respected by employers.

One reason is that online programs offer a more flexible and customizable learning experience than traditional classroom-based programs. Students in online programs can typically choose when and where they want to complete their coursework, making it easier to fit their education into their busy schedules.

Additionally, online programs often allow students to choose from a broader range of courses than brick-and-mortar schools, allowing them to specialize in a particular area of interest. As employers become more familiar with the benefits of online education, online degrees will likely continue to gain popularity and respect.

Is A Master In Spanish Worth It?

A Master’s degree in Spanish can be an excellent asset for anyone looking to work in a Spanish-speaking country or with a Spanish-speaking population. The ability to communicate fluently in Spanish can open many professional and personal doors.

In addition, a master’s degree in Spanish can help to build cultural competency and understanding. Those interested in pursuing a career in teaching or translation may find that a master’s degree in Spanish gives them an edge over the competition.

Top 13 Online Master Degree Programs In Spanish

There are many online master degree programs in Spanish, but not all of them are created equal. Let’s get on the best!

1. New Mexico State University

Program Offered: Spanish – Master of Arts

The minimum requirement for this degree is 36 credits in Spanish, of which 30 must be earned at the 500 level. Furthermore, all students must take courses in their study area (linguistics or literature). A thesis can be optional and counts accordingly towards your final cumulative GPA. However, it’s not available if you’re an online-only student!

A minor in linguistics is an excellent way for students who specialize in that field of study to expand their knowledge and learn more about other disciplines. For those students who complete their coursework during the final semester, they will be required to pass an oral exam as well.

2. University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Program Offered: Spanish MA Program

The School requires that all incoming students undergo a content-based examination to ensure they have enough preparation for graduate study. The results of this test are used in developing your program’s curriculum. If you fail any subjects, two courses need additional work!

To complete the requirements for this degree, you’ll need to take at least 30 credits outside your baccalaureate. All students must be able to show reading competency in another language and may either take an exam or spend two semesters studying it further if they so choose!

3. University Of New Orleans

Program Offered: Online master’s degree in Spanish or French

It Languages offers an online graduate program leading to a Master’s in either French or Spanish. Within each track, there are course offerings that vary depending on your interests. It includes literature-focused classes like disproportionate narratives or language teaching techniques like conversation coaching.

It helps students learn basic conversational skills faster by listening back during playback sessions and correcting them when ready! Graduate assistantships are available for qualified students on a competitive basis. Plus, max 12 graduate transfer credits can be granted for studies in another accredited institution at the highest level possible – this includes master’s degrees as well!

4. Kent State University

Programs Offered: 

MCLS offers a variety of programs to help you become more globally aware. Gain the skills necessary for success in today’s job market through research, critical thinking, and writing techniques. This opens doors to many career paths or translation services essential when working with other cultures worldwide!

Become an expert multilingual speaker by studying abroad or immerse yourself in another language to better your listening/speaking abilities, all while gaining insight into different perspectives from elsewhere on Earth.

Kent State University is proud to offer a six-language Master of Arts in Translation (M.A.) program, which prepares students for careers as translators and language engineers, international business professionals, or government workers. The entirely web-based curriculum allows you to complete your studies anywhere efficiently!

The Master of Arts in Spanish is a highly valued program available to teach both literature and pedagogy. The two concentrations cover different areas but focus on teaching languages at any level.

5. Minnesota State University At Mankato

Program Offered: Spanish for the Professions MS

The ultimate goal of the M.S. Spanish for Professions degree is to provide students with a strong foundation in audience analysis and cultural awareness so they can effectively communicate across cultures. Students must learn about appropriate practices, language usage, or topics and solve problems through improved communication skills that will help them succeed at work!

The flexible program has synchronous and face-to-face courses that prepare students for additional oral/written Spanish expertise. Students can choose from various options depending on their needs – those preparing to enter the business field, or government jobs!

6. The University Of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

Program Offered: M.A. in Spanish

The MA degree in Spanish covers the most critical issues for those who want to study foundational aspects of linguistic and cultural studies. The program offers different tracks so that students can focus on their interests, whether it be Hispanic literature, linguistics, or teaching.

This 36-credit-hour degree is perfect for those who want to pursue a Ph.D. or work as professionals in business, government, healthcare, or education. Students must take a general written comprehensive examination at the end of their coursework.

7. University Of North Carolina, Wilmington

Program Offered: Spanish M.A.

Boost your resume with an M.A. in Spanish! Earn the perfect career move by earning this valuable degree on campus or online. This program aims to raise the level of communicative competence in Spanish for native and non-native speakers.

According to other needs, students will be trained to use their skills outside or inside a classroom. They’ll also learn critical elements needed by those who want more than just basic conversation!

8. The University Of Texas, Permian Basin

Program Offered: M.A. in Spanish

This is a perfect program for a master’s degree in Spanish! They offer courses that cover all aspects of language and culture and allow students to specialize by selecting from one or two specializations. 

With flexible options available online through interactive lessons learned inside your own home, this will not just prepare individuals with employment prospects worldwide but also give them an edge when applying to Hispanic studies programs!

The program is designed with working people and parents in mind who want to learn about the Spanish-speaking world’s culture through its literature. The structure enables students to research methods and enhances language skills!

9. Central Connecticut State University

Program Offered: Online Spanish M.A.

The program is designed to give Spanish graduate students in general and current teachers an opportunity for advanced coursework. The thirty credits include both required courses as well as flexibility with topics.

The high-quality instruction combined with state-of-the-art technology allows those who participate in online interactivity over the internet to provide the closest experience to a natural line classroom feel without leaving home!

10. University Of Southern Mississippi

Program Offered: Master’s degree in Spanish

With a Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages (Spanish) from the University of Southern Mississippi, you can discover new perspectives on language. Their online Spanish MATL degree program is offered full credit. 

It is one among many programs of its kind addressing teachers’ needs for effective teaching strategies while enhancing knowledge about language acquisition or how people learn the best!

This online Spanish degree brings together world language teachers and future educators from all parts of the United States and abroad. The variety of courses meets your needs for today’s multi-faceted teacher!

11. Southern Oregon University

Program Offered: Spanish Language Teaching, MA

The Master of Arts in Spanish Language Teaching program is designed to offer teachers the opportunity for professional development and educational advancement. The year degree may be completed over a period during which students can work as interns or teaching assistants while studying under qualified instructors who have extensive experience with international schools abroad!

Master’s degrees are prevalent among teachers. The summer program allows for up to 18 credits while completing the master’s degree will require 48 total! Upgrader 6 graduate-level courses from other institutions may also be transferred as credit towards your final project or dissertation!

12. Georgetown University

Program Offered: M.S. and Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics

To ensure a smooth transition into Spanish linguistics, students should consult with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) about any questions. It’s essential to check in at least once per semester and ensure that you are following all guidelines for this program as well- no changes can be made without prior approval from their expert staff members!

The MSC curriculum includes courses in Applied Linguistics, History of Spanish Speakers, Phonology & Morphology. Courses are divided into two tiers; students must take all courses offered within their tier before being able to move on to the next one!

13. Idaho State University

Program Offered: Online Master of Arts in Spanish

The Master of Arts in Spanish is the perfect opportunity for individuals who want to reach an advanced level without worrying about class periods or exams. The program allows students to study when it’s most convenient to be successful, no matter their home country’s time zone! 

This two-year degree is perfect for those looking to master the Spanish language and gain a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture. The courses are designed with both beginners and more experienced speakers, allowing you time throughout your studies to focus on what interests you most!

Do Employers Take Online Degrees Seriously?

With the flexibility to study from anywhere and the ability to tailor learning to individual needs, online degrees offer great appeal. But what do employers think of online degrees? Generally speaking, employers are impressed with online degrees.

They recognize that online programs require a high level of discipline and commitment, and they are often impressed by the motivated individuals who choose to pursue this type of education.

Additionally, many employers value the practical skills students learn through coursework. If the degree is from an accredited institution, employers are typically happy to consider candidates with an online degree.

How Long Is An Online Master Degree In Spanish?

Most online master’s programs in Spanish take between two and four years to complete. The time it takes to earn your degree will depend on your chosen program and how many credits you take each semester. 

For example, if you study full-time and take four classes each semester, you can expect to finish your degree in two years. However, if you study part-time and only take two classes each semester, it will take you four years to earn your degree. 

Additionally, some schools offer accelerated programs that allow students to complete their degrees in as little as 18 months. So, if you’re interested in an online master’s degree in Spanish, research the different programs available to find one that fits your needs. 

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