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An online French degree can open new doors for you in terms of your career and prospects. It can also help improve your language skills, better understand French culture and society, and give you a competitive edge in the job market.

There are many reasons to study French online but finding the right program can be difficult. There are a lot of programs out there, and not all of them are created equal.

To help you find the best online French degree program for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 13 programs. To create this ranking, we’ve looked at costs, accreditation, program offerings, and student satisfaction.

Top 13 Online French Degree Programs For You

So, if you’re looking for the best online French degree, look no further. Here are the top 13 programs:

1. University of California, Berkeley Extension

Program Offered: Bachelor of Arts

UC Berkeley Extension is the top-ranked program on our list. It’s an accredited, affordable, and comprehensive online French degree that will prepare you for a career in the field.

The undergraduate major in French is designed to allow students to acquire competence and fluency with language and literature from France as well as other Francophone cultures around the world. The department provides ample coursework that covers many periods or schools within criticism while also encouraging interdisciplinary studies through courses emphasizing relations!

The French major is an excellent choice for any student who desires an education that generalizes the language and literature found exclusively in France. It’s perfect if you plan on teaching at either elementary or secondary levels since it’ll help prepare your students with what they need to become fluent speakers of French!

2. Indiana university

Program Offered: French, BS

Earn your bachelor’s degree in French from Indiana University Bloomington—one of the top-ranked universities in the United States. With IU Online, you’ll have access to the same rigorous coursework, experienced faculty, and dedicated support staff as on-campus students.

The Bachelor of Science in French at Indiana University Online is designed for students who want to develop their language proficiency and cultural understanding while also acquiring professional competence. The curriculum builds on what you already know, allowing us a wide range of skills that can be applied across many different settings!

3. Oregon State University

Program Offered: French, BA

France is a country that has always been popular among international business professionals. With 29 countries speaking French as their official language and so many more highly respecting it, there’s no better place to learn this skill than here in Oregon State University’s online Bachelor Program!

The French B.A. at Oregon State University is perfect for students who want to learn more about France and other Francophone countries’ languages, literature, and culture. The curriculum is designed to help students develop proficiency in French while understanding the world around them.

This program’s interactive, personalized learning environment helps you build the skills necessary to succeed in your career. Expert faculty members teach courses that prepare students for various rewarding careers both on-campus and online at OSU’s Ecampus site.

4. Arizona State University

Program Offered: French, BA

The French program at this university offers students the opportunity to study not only the language, literature, and culture in France but also that of its neighboring countries. These include Francophone Africa (Gabon), Canada, and Europe, with summer programs directed by faculty members who are experts on these subjects themselves!

Concurrent degrees are an excellent way for students to get two distinct and valuable college credits in as little time as possible. This program allows you to earn your bachelor’s or master’s without ever taking all those pesky classes together!

French is a crucial language to master for job seekers who speak it well enough can get hired. Many career paths involve working with French, such as advertising campaigns or multinational companies where they need an interpreter on-site!

5. University of Colorado Boulder

Program Offered: BA Degree

Through French language and culture courses, students can expect to be exposed to many cultural experiences in Francophone communities. They will also gain knowledge about how these diverse regions are represented through literature/arts & media, both foreign and domestic while developing their understanding of its foundation! 

This undergraduate degree in French is designed to provide students with an intensive, comprehensive introduction and foundation for study. The coursework emphasizes knowledge of the modern-day spoken language and reading skills necessary when interacting or writing papers about current events from France’s diverse cultural landscape!

6. American University

Program Offered: French Studies (B.A.)

It would be amiss not to include American University on this list! A.U.’s French Studies (B.A.) is an excellent way for students to explore France’s language, literature, cultures, and the Francophone world.

Language courses are required for students who want to study abroad or work in an industry where foreign languages are needed. Placement into the department is based on a student’s qualifications, with consultation from advisors if needed!

7. Columbia University

Program Offered: French and Francophone Studies (B.A.)

Before enrolling, you must discuss your program of study with the Director of Undergraduate Studies! This detailed and tailored program is perfect for students who want to pursue a career that involves France or the Francophone world. You will learn about French and Francophone History, Literature, Advanced Grammar, and composition while developing your writing skills!

This degree will also broaden your perspective. The Senior Essay is a demanding and challenging project requiring students to immerse themselves in research. It substitutes for an elective so they can participate in departmental honors with their work on this essay!

8. Boston University

Program Offered: B.A. in French & Linguistics

With a French and Linguistics major, you can study the formal structures of language from different perspectives with an emphasis on sound systems. Students also learn about universals in grammar and pronunciation skills that help them speak when needed!

In this joint major, you will study French and Francophone cultural traditions alongside the great works of literature associated with it. You’ll understand how different countries use or distinguish themselves through their native tongue by learning about historical development in grammar and variation among regions around the world.

9. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Program Offered: The Graduate Program in French

The Rutgers French Department’s Graduate Program offers students a chance to pursue their studies in an intellectually stimulating and nurturing environment. You can apply for the Graduate Program in French! It provides outstanding academic opportunities to varying degrees, including M.A.s and PhDs!

The French faculty are associated with programs in African Studies, Cinema Studies, Comparative Literature, and Medieval Studies. They also participate heavily in Women’s & Gender Cultures research alongside other disciplines like literature or cinema!

The M.A./Ph.D. program offers applicants with vital academic records and scholarly promise the opportunity for financial assistance in their education, including tuition remission! Plus, they are committed to training the next generation of teachers so they can share this love with their students too!

10. Syracuse University

Program Offered: French and Francophone Studies

The French and Francophone Studies Program at Syracuse University is perfect for students who want to pursue a career related to France or the Francophone world! This program thrives in an increasingly multicultural world and gives tools for success! 

These interdisciplinary emphases surrounding early modern outlooks with contemporary trends throughout centuries give our graduates the linguistic fluency and cultural awareness they desperately need on job applications or social media posts across all five continents!

With a global perspective forged from studying abroad, French students are prepared to tackle the world with linguistic skills and cultural knowledge.

Graduates can find employment both domestically and internationally. They can work in fields such as engineering or social work, where they’ll bring their unique skill set developed while learning about different cultures all over this beautiful planet, we call home. All students must take a placement exam to enroll in this language program.

11. Temple University

Program Offered: Bachelor of Arts in French

The Bachelor of Arts in French at Temple University will allow students to develop their language skills while understanding Francophone cultures. This degree is perfect for students who want to work in international business, diplomacy, education, or publishing. 

The coursework emphasizes both oral and written communication, as well as cultural competency. This 123-credit undergraduate degree program can be completed in four years in which you will learn:

  • Verbal and written communication in French
  • Francophone cultures
  • Develop an understanding of the Francophone world
  • Language skills that can be applied in a professional setting and much more!

12. Tufts University

Program Offered: B.A. in French

You will complete ten courses in French to earn your B.A. in French from Tufts University. In these classes, you will learn about Francophone cultures and how to communicate in written and oral French effectively. The coursework emphasizes:

  • Oral and written communication in French
  • Francophone cultures
  • An understanding of the Francophone world
  • Language skills that can prepare you for a professional setting.

In addition to taking classes, you will also study abroad! This experience will allow you to put your language skills to use in a real-world setting and immerse yourself in the culture. You can also pursue a minor in another subject to supplement your French degree.

13. The George Washington University

Program Offered: B.A. in French Language, Literature & Culture

Critical thinking, cultural awareness, and effective communication are skills you will develop while earning your B.A. in French Language, Literature, & Culture from George Washington University. 

Often students combine their major in french with business, international affairs, or another discipline to create a unique and marketable skill set. These courses will cover:

  • Oral and written communication
  • Francophone cultures
  • An understanding of the Francophone world
  • Language skills for a professional setting

Don’t forget today’s world’s politics and social media, and much more!

Tips To Select The Best Online French Degree

Look for an accredited program

Ensure the online French degree program is accredited by a well-recognized accrediting agency. This will ensure that your credits will be transferable to other colleges and universities and that employers will recognize the degree.

Check the program requirements

Each school has different requirements for its online French degree programs. Some programs may require that you have a certain amount of college credit already earned, while others may require that you complete a placement exam.


Make sure to research the program’s cost and if any scholarships or financial aid options are available.

How Do I Become Fluent In French?

It is important to remember that there is no one answer to this question. Everyone learns differently; what works for one person may not work for another. However, there are a few general tips that can help you on your journey to becoming fluent in French:

  • Start by learning the basics. If you have never studied French, it is crucial to start with the basics. Learn how to pronounce the alphabet, numbers, and common phrases. This will give you a solid foundation to build more advanced language skills.
  • Practice, practice, practice. The more you use your new language skills, the better you will become at using them. Try to find opportunities to speak French as often as possible. You can sign up for a French conversation group, practice with a native speaker, or even watch French movies and T.V. shows.
  • Make mistakes. It is essential to make mistakes when you are learning a new language. Feel free to speak, even if you are unsure if you are saying the right thing. You will learn from your mistakes and become a better speaker.

Back To You

Now that you know a little bit more about online French degree programs, we hope you will be able to find the right program for you. Do some research and find a program that meets your needs and interests. With hard work and dedication, you can become fluent in French and open a new world of opportunities.

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