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Are you curious about the best online degree in alternative medicine? If so, you’re in luck! This blog post will walk you through our top 13 picks for the best online degree programs in this field.

Alternative medicine refers to medical treatments not typically used by mainstream doctors. While “alternative medicine” can encompass a wide range of therapies, it generally includes natural and holistic approaches to health. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is The Alternative Medicine Science Track?

The online Alternative Medicine Science track at the University of Maryland is a professionally oriented program that provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers in alternative medicine.

The curriculum covers various topics, including herbalism, acupuncture, and homeopathy. Students also learn about the history and philosophy of alternative medicine and its ethical and legal implications.

The program’s online format makes it convenient for students who have busy schedules or live in remote areas. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to sit for the national certification exam in alternative medicine.

How Do I Get Into Alternative Medicine?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in alternative medicine, there are a few different ways to get started. One option is to pursue an online degree in alternative medicine. This can be a great option if you cannot attend a brick-and-mortar school or if you want to learn at your own pace.

Many accredited online programs offer degrees in alternative medicine, so you’ll have plenty of options. Another option is to complete a training program offered by an alternative medicine school or organization.

These programs typically last for a few weeks or months, and they can give you the hands-on training you need to start working in the field. Finally, if you’re already working as a healthcare provider, you may be able to take courses or receive training in alternative medicine through your employer.

Many hospitals and clinics offer staff members the opportunity to learn about and explore different types of alternative therapies. Whichever route you choose, pursuing a career in alternative medicine can be a gratifying experience.

Top 13 Online Degrees In Alternative Medicine

Now that you know more about alternative medicine and how to get started, let’s look at our top 13 picks for the best online degree programs in this field.

1. Arizona State University

Program: Online Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health

Integrative Health Care is a patient-focused approach to wellness! The factors emphasized in an Integrative Healthcare degree include Mental Fitness, Social Connection, and Spiritual Well-being instead of focusing exclusively on holistic healthcare.

Arizona State University’s integrative degree can help you do just this! Students learn how it can work together to provide treatment for patients suffering from chronic illnesses or other conditions!

The graduates will have acquired the tools needed for treating physical, mental, and spiritual cases – so they’re prepared no matter what life throws them!

2. Everglades University

Program: Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Alternative Medicine

This program aims to teach you everything there’s to know about natural medicine practices, with courses such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. You will learn the mind-body connection regarding your health care while preparing yourself for work as a naturopathic physician!

There are three different ways that students can complete their degree! The first option would be on an offline basis through Everglades University itself. These 41 months take approximately two years if full-time enrollment isn’t chosen but could often finish faster, depending on how disciplined one is!

3. Maharishi International University

Program: B.A. In Ayurveda Wellness & Integrative Health

Maharishi International University (MIU) is an institution that offers a Bachelor of Arts in Ayurveda Wellness and Integrative Health. This program provides students with a thorough exploration of ancient teachings through modern science.

It’s all while also learning about topics like dietetics or aromatherapy throughout their coursework at MIUs small size ensures they will leave graduation prepared to take on any job opportunities waiting for them!

The system is designed to help students learn at their own pace and provides a safe space for those needing extra attention. This way, they can explore the content without being distracted by other issues going on in life or feeling like this isn’t enough time because there are only three hours per week spent completing coursework online.

4. Northern Vermont University

Program: Bachelor of Science in Wellness & Alternative Medicine

NVU is a small, public university that offers a Bachelor of Science in Wellness & Alternative Medicine. The program’s coursework deepens into understanding your mind-body connection through science theory and history with classes including “wellness” and Contemporary Health Issues.

Human Anatomy Physiology provides medical knowledge for all parts inside our bodies–from cells to organs! An internship requirement also exists but can be done online via Canvas during a student’s four years on a full-time schedule or five years if part-time. 

Northern Vermont University offers a fully online bachelor’s degree in holistic health that is perfect for those interested in exploring proven techniques of self-care and healing others, examining the mind-body connection within personal wellness and its role within community development.

5. Purdue University Global

Program: B.S. in Health and Wellness

The Purdue University Global bachelor’s degree in health and wellness is designed for those who want to impact their future. With their innovative programs, you will be prepared no matter where your career takes shape!

Explore a mind-body-spirit approach to health and wellness, gaining the skills and knowledge that can help you promote healthy living for individuals or organizations. The program offers courses on exercise & fitness, dietetics (including nutrition), mindfulness meditation techniques, and spiritual healing such as acupuncture.

6. Grand Canyon University

Program: Behavior Health Trauma Degree

Trauma-informed care is an approach to delivering behavioral health services that treat the whole person. It assumes every patient will have a history of trauma, which requires professionals and paraprofessionals with academic backgrounds in this field to offer insights into their clients’ lives.

The Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health with an Emphasis on Trauma is a well-rounded degree that will prepare you to help people through all stages and aspects of their lives. This program teaches students about behavioral health, informed assessment methods for treating trauma victims, and intervention techniques – giving them everything they need, not just one day but every day!

Moreover, it will help students understand how to assess and treat the consequences of childhood trauma. The curriculum would provide a Christian foundation to explore these concepts in depth throughout all aspects.

7. California Baptist University

Program: M.S. in Kinesiology

The online Master’s in Kinesiology program at California Baptist University is designed for professionals who want to prepare themselves for leading roles within the field. The curriculum covers all human movement, performance, and fitness aspects, including bioenergetics, exercise physiology, and nutritional guidance!

Many people are overweight or obese and need to be more active. If you want a healthy lifestyle, then this degree is perfect for your needs because it will help teach them how exercise can make someone feel mentally and physically better!

This is an ideal program for those who want to become leaders, clinicians, or coaches of tomorrow’s athletes while also educating them about exercise physiology and other related fields that are relevant today, such as healthcare law/ethics!

8. Bryant & Stratton College

Program: Health Services Administration Associate Degree

This degree program graduates will be well-prepared to pursue entry-level positions throughout the healthcare industry. Coursework for this 60-credit-hour course covers math, medical ethics, and other business topics.

It includes everything necessary to manage various aspects within a doctor’s office or any other venue, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, etc. They can gain hands-on skills with finances & payroll, staff hiring/manning, and managing electronic medical records (EMR), among others!

9. Southern New Hampshire University 

Program: Master’s in Healthcare Administration Online

Healthcare administrators are vital in ensuring equitable quality and access to the best care. The online Master of Science (M.S.) in Healthcare Administration degree program will boost your qualifications for critical roles within organizations while advancing careers that are expected to grow exponentially over the next decade!

The online master’s in healthcare administration at Southern New Hampshire University is designed for those looking to make a career change or advance their current position. You’ll receive the formal education necessary and additional experience working within this complex field with topics on finance & economics, law policy, informatics technology – strategic planning.

10. Liberty University

Program: Master of Medical Sciences – Molecular Medicine

Now you can follow your molecular biology and medicine passion online with Liberty’s online medical master’s program in MMED. This degree will help you progressively understand immunology, biomedical ethics, and anatomy.

You can expect a rigorous, personalized learning experience with our master’s degree in molecular medicine. You’ll work closely, attend classes at the School of Medicine, and get two intensive lab courses!

11. University Of Florida

Program: Online Bachelor of Science in Health Education

The U.F. Online Bachelor of Science in Health Education degree program provides students with training on promoting healthy lifestyle choices, including in individual and group settings.

The coursework allows them to explore their interest areas from various perspectives to prepare themselves for jobs or graduate programs related to these fields after graduation, such as being an instructor at your local gym.

12. K.U. University Of Kansas

Program: Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Science

The University of Kansas’ online bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science is designed to prepare you for work as an exercise coach or physical therapist. This best-suited program also has a strong scientific core that will enable graduates not only to pursue careers within fitness-related settings!

The opportunities for students in this program are limitless. They can access scholarships, grants, and assistantships from various organizations, including the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).

13. The Ohio State University

Program: Online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Ohio State’s online bachelor’s degree in health sciences is unique because it can be completed entirely at the university level, so there are no additional costs. This makes this program perfect if you’re also looking to get a head start on your career!

This doctorate program will give you the skills necessary for a successful career in academia or industry. The courses cover health promotion, disease prevention, and ethical decision-making within healthcare settings – all 100% online!

Is An Online Degree In Alternative Medicine Worthy?

With the help of technology, more and more people are pursuing online degrees in various fields, including alternative medicine. But is an online degree in alternative medicine truly worth it?

While there are many advantages to pursuing an online degree, there are also some potential drawbacks that should be considered. One of the main benefits of an online degree is the flexibility it offers.

Students can study at their own pace, and they can choose from a variety of courses that fit their schedules and interests. Additionally, online students often have access to more extensive systems than they would at a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

However, one downside to online education is that it can be difficult to establish personal connections with professors and classmates. Additionally, online students may miss out on the valuable hands-on experience they would receive at a traditional school.

Before pursuing an online degree in alternative medicine, carefully weigh the pros and cons to decide if it is the right choice for you. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – our top thirteen picks for the best online degree in alternative medicine. We hope this list will help you find the perfect program to suit your needs and goals. An online degree in alternative medicine can give you the skills and knowledge you need to pursue a rewarding career in this growing field. 

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