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Have you explored master’s education online? Whether a recent undergraduate or a seasoned educator, a master’s in art education can help you take your career to the next level. Online master’s programs offer busy professionals the flexibility and convenience to balance work, life, and school.

When considering an online master’s in art education, selecting an accredited program that offers the courses you need to achieve your career goals is crucial. To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of the 13 best masters in art education online programs.

Top 13 Masters Art Education Online Programs

When selecting a master’s program in art education online, consider the curriculum, admissions requirements, and tuition costs. Now let’s look at the online masters in art education programs that made our list.

1. Boston University

Program Offered: Master of Arts in Art Education Online

Boston University is a private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. There are 32000 students enrolled, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1 with ample opportunities for those who choose them as well, according to U.S. News rankings which translate into 37th place overall among colleges/universities nationwide!

In addition to their traditional on-campus tuition, students can also take advantage of online degree programs. They have 20 unique bachelor’s degrees from which they choose, including an Occupational Therapy Ph.D. and Art teacher certification!

The Boston University Master’s in Art Education is an online degree that provides students with the resources and skills they need to make best-practice decisions while teaching art. This program requires 32 credit hours for completion but only takes 18 months or less if you’re dedicated! This online master’s program offers you flexibility.

2. The University Of Nebraska At Kearney

Program Offered: Master of Arts in Education

The University of Nebraska at Kearney is a public institution located in the heartland city of Kearney. It’s part of Lincoln Public Schools and belongs to The University Of Nebras layer system, which has 6,788 students enrolled, with an average student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1. UN Kearney is the leading provider of high-quality, affordable online education.

They offer robust programs for a wide range of degrees and certifications, including 20 different options to choose from! If you’re looking at earning your degree or certification without leaving home- U.N. Kearney got what you need with their low price points that will fit any budget.

The University of Nebraska has an affordable and high-quality Master in Education for Art Teachers. This program is perfect if you already hold a bachelor’s degree or related fields, as it requires 36 credit hours to complete with two main components: core courses & electives.

The first part covers essential theory topics such as curriculum development strategies; the second serves up more hands-on experience through various pedagogy workshops designed specifically around art education practices.

The Art education master’s degree is an affordable and flexible online option for anyone who wants to get knowledge in this field. The courses cover various topics, including classroom management, history theories & philosophies of art teaching, among others, that are perfect if you want more than just basic skills!

3. The University Of Florida

Program Offered: Online Master of Arts in Education

The University of Florida is a public research university in Gainesville, FL. There are 52,367 students enrolled, and the student-to-faculty ratio at U.F. shines at 20:1! The Southern Association for Colleges Commission on Higher Education accredits this school awarding comprehensive degrees and professional certifications, making it number 1 among other schools.

With over 100 programs, the University of Florida offers an extensive list that includes everything from journalism and finance to zoology. The quality is top-notch, with affordable tuition rates for students who want their degree without going into debt! The University of Florida offers an affordable, high-quality Master in education. You can look forward to a rigorous 39-credit curriculum that will build your skills and knowledge in art education. 

4. Ohio State University

Program Offered: Master of Arts in Art Education

Ohio State University is one of the top universities in America, and it also offers excellent programs for veterans. The school has 59K students with an affordable tuition rate of only $6k per semester! They offer many undergraduate and graduate student programs, including online offerings in music theory, earth science, and dental hygiene.

Ohio State University has a Master of Arts in Art Education that provides students with an academically prestigious degree and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. This online program is perfect for anyone who wants to make their impact on those they teach even stronger by providing them access to research and practice teaching techniques so they can become better at what matters most: inspiring others through creative expression!

If you want to make a difference in the world through art education, this is your chance. The M.A., which requires 30 credit hours and costs about $722 per course for completion (not including additional fees), provides an excellent opportunity to do just that!

5. Eastern Illinois University

Program Offered: MA in Art Education

Eastern Illinois University is an excellent institution with many opportunities for students. There are 7,415 total enrollment, and the student-to-faculty ratio here at 14:1, which makes it easy to find a mentor or professor who will guide you through your studies so that you may be successful!

They offer an affordable, high-quality degree for those looking to pursue their education without leaving home! If you’re an art teacher looking for more creative ways to improve your practice, then the Master of Arts in Community Arts is just what you need! It’s designed specifically with learning objectives and strategies to help teachers like yourself reach greater heights.

The community arts program is a great way to improve your knowledge of art and work as an art teacher in different settings. You will have the opportunity to spend time on campus at EIU, but it’s not required for either degree 24/32 credit hours long, with one summer being necessary before you can pursue these degrees online or off-campus.

6. Penn State University

Program Offered: M.S. in Art Education

The Pennsylvania State University: World Campus is the global extension of one of America’s leading public universities. The 13,411 students enrolled through their world campus and 47K+ across all modes represent a robust offering for those looking to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree online!

Their courses include an agriculture-focused master’s in turfgrass management with an emphasis on crops like lawns that need regular care. This one will teach you everything from fertilization techniques to recognizing diseases when they occur. They also offer two teaching credentials: one involves getting certified through student-taught classes, while another requires additional exams before being granted credit.

This online master’s degree in art education is designed for those who want to advance their understanding of how children learn about and perceive visual arts. The three main components include core courses and foundational coursework that builds upon what was learned during the first two years (and can be taken as electives) while allowing students flexibility with when they take these classes; all this awaits you!

This program is an excellent option if you’re looking for contemporary art education. The 18 credit hours of courses on pedagogy, diversity in visual culture, and new media techniques. Contemporary issues such as race relations or gender identity through research topics will prepare educators today for the challenges they’ll face tomorrow!

7. The University Of Central Florida

Program Offered: Online Art Education, MAT

The University of Central Florida public university offers innovative health, business, and education degrees. The Southern Association for Colleges and Schools accredits the school to award associate’s degrees and bachelor’s through doctorate-level programs, including post-master certificates at 90 percent higher than the national average!

One of the top reasons to earn your degree from the University of Central Florida is their online master’s in Art Teaching. This program can be completed on-site or virtually, giving you access to teach art and fulfill all necessary teacher qualifications for state approval so that students can find their perfect match!

8. Maryland Institute College Of Art

Program Offered: Masters In Art Education

If you want an Arts degree that will set your career in motion, then MICA is the school for you. With 2,112 students and a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio, this historic college has something available no other university can offer–a high-quality arts education!

You can now complete your degree in art with only 34 credit hours! The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) awards a low residency/primarily online Master’s Degree program.

9. Academy Of Art University

The Academy of Art University is a private four-year institution in San Francisco, California. There are 12,608 students enrolled, and the student-to-faculty ratio at 14:1. AAU has provided students with a wide range of online art degrees for over 80 years.

From cinematography and film production to acting, fashion design, or even industrial designing, there is no limit to what you can learn from this institution! Students with limited studio experience can still pursue an online degree in art education through the master’s program at the Academy of Art University.

This 39-unit course requires 63 units total, but those with none will be able to get started on their new career by taking just 24 additional credit hours specific to this emphasis area!

10. Kent State University

Program Offered: MA in Art Education

Kent State University is an Ohio university with many satellite campuses that offer educational opportunities for people across the state. There are 30,167 students enrolled at Kent, and they come from all different backgrounds, which helps to make their experience here unique! It is the perfect school for anyone who wants to teach or learn the art.

The online master’s in art Education available at this university offers a convenient and affordable way of earning your degree without having any classes on campus! You can choose from 33 credit hours, including courses like “Art history” and teaching design-related curriculum issues.

11. Converse College

Program Offered: Master of Education (MEd) in Art Education

Converse College’s master’s in art education is a two-year program offering online courses and summer on-campus residencies throughout the year. Interactive and collaborative classes allow students to learn about different cultures worldwide.

It’s all with diverse faculty members who have extensive knowledge of various artistic movements, including Multicultural Art Education, History & Philosophy Of Arts Educations Research Administration, And Supervision. Converse offers a hybrid certification program that counts towards the MEd Art Education degree and a teaching certificate.

12. University Of Northern Lowa

Program Offered: Art Education (MA)

The University of Northern Iowa’s online art education master’s degree is an innovative program that offers cohort model courses with peers. First-year classes meet on Wednesday nights over Zoom in addition to asynchronous classwork

While second-year students also have individual meetings with instructors throughout the semester-long course load, which includes six credit hours worth of Holistic Approaches for Art Education and Research Methods In Arts Higher Degree Studies And Project Seminar!

13. Azusa Pacific University

Program Offered: MA in Art Education

The best way to learn about art is through an online Art Education Degree from Azusa Pacific University. This program allows students five start dates per year and two convenient 8-week class sessions, with one semester each fall or spring plus a weeklong intensive in July for those who complete it within two years! Classes include Contemporary Issues of Art Education; Arts Growth & Human Development methods (including studio); Methods researching researchers toolkit)

What Can I Do With A Master’s In Art Education?

With a master’s in art education, you could find yourself teaching in various settings. You might work in a traditional school classroom or pursue a museum education career. Or you could even decide to open your art studio. 

The possibilities are truly endless. No matter your path, you’ll need to be passionate about art and firmly commit to teaching or learning. If you have these qualities, a master’s in art education could be the perfect fit. 

With this degree, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to become an effective educator. You’ll also have the opportunity to share your love of art with others and help them develop their creativity with art.
So if you’re looking for a rewarding career that will make a difference in the lives of others, consider pursuing a master’s in art education. Now let’s look at the 13 best online communication degrees, the 13 best higher education master online courses, and the best engagement strategies for online learning.

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