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Are you looking for the best higher education master’s courses online? Choosing a higher education master’s program can be a daunting task. There are many programs to choose from, and knowing which is right for you can be challenging.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 13 best higher education master’s courses from around the world. These programs are all highly respected and will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a career in higher education.

Can You Do A Master Remotely?

The simple answer is yes – you can study for a Master’s degree remotely. Many universities offer online or distance learning programs for master’s degrees, and there are also many ways to study for a Master’s degree remotely through traditional brick-and-mortar universities.

However, you should keep a few things in mind if you’re considering studying for a Master’s degree remotely. First, make sure that the program you’re interested in is accredited. This is important whether you’re studying online or through a traditional university. Accreditation ensures that employers and other institutions will recognize your degree.

Second, consider your learning style. If you’re a student who needs regular interaction with professors and classmates, studying for a Master’s degree remotely may not be the best option.

Finally, think about the financial implications of studying remotely. While there are often scholarships and other financial aid available for online students, it’s essential to ensure you understand the cost of tuition and other associated expenses before committing to a program.

Top 13 Higher Education Masters Online Courses

Now that you know what to look for in a higher education master’s program, here are 13 of the best higher education master’s courses:

1. North Carolina State University

Program Details: Multiple Master’s Degrees in Education

There you can select from 90 different master’s programs. The history of N.C. State University has been a long and winding one. It started in 1887 and now has 35 thousand of students from 120 countries pursuing classes in 300-degree programs. N.C. State’s College of Education is known for its high-quality, innovative education programs.

The excellent student/faculty ratio helps students succeed in college and beyond! With a focus on the needs of today’s modern students, our online master’s programs offer everything that you need to succeed. We provide curriculum and instruction in all subject areas so your child can succeed at school or during their career path after graduation!

2. Purdue University

Program Details: Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction

It has 13 colleges and schools enrolling more than 31,000 students from all 50 states and countries, such as Canada and China. It’s also one of three other U.S. institutions with the highest number of foreign learners among its student population at 6% or three-thousand percent. The Department of Education at Purdue offers a wide range of programs to prepare you for your future as an educator.

The college’s education program includes 200 undergraduate courses and 70 graduate degrees, including 19 master’s level studies. You can pursue a career in teaching, administration, or higher education. The online Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Purdue University is designed for educators who want to improve their teaching skills and knowledge.

3. University Of Georgia

Program Details: Master in Educational Administration and Policy

It was established in 1908. It has nine departments and offers programs to students interested in teacher preparation or careers such as preschool psychologists, speech therapists, etc., with over 37000 people taking classes annually! The following master’s degree programs are available at the school:

  • educational psychology
  • learning design and technology
  • learning leadership organizational development middle grades education
  • reading science workforce education.

The Educational Administration and Policy master’s program is a 36-credit-hour course that includes 18 credit hours of electives and three research or applied project options. It’s not surprising that UGA is the No. 13 ranked public university in America, as it has been one of our top three producers for Rhodes Scholars for over 20 years!

4. Johns Hopkins University

Program Details: Master of Science in Education

Johns Hopkins, a private university founded in 1876 with more than 20 thousand students and twenty percent coming from outside the United States rankings, is tied for 10th best out of ALL American universities! It has an enrollment number of 2,600 and offers 13 graduate degree programs. 

Another great way to improve education in our low-income communities is by being a part of Teach for America. This organization has programs that range from 39 hours up until your master’s degree, with an emphasis on either elementary or secondary schools – just what you need!

5. Texas A&M University-College Station

Program Details: Master of Education in Educational Administration

The University of Texas at Austin is the first public postsecondary school in Texas. It has an enrollment that ranks twelfth-largest out of all universities across America, with 64 thousand+ students. U.S. News rates it as sixty-sixth best which makes them quite famous! 

Graduating from the College of Education and Human Development is a fantastic feat. With 270 degree programs to choose from, students have everything they need for a successful career in education or human development!

6. San Diego State University

Program Details: Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

California’s state college system was established in 1960, and this university became part of it. The enrollment numbers are 36,000, with 4500 students enrolled for graduate programs, making them one of the most reputable universities on our list! The SDSU campus is among the top 10 U.S. colleges for studying abroad and has a reputation for being one-of-a-kind in innovation!

The highly selective University of Denver is a first-year student’s dream come true. The university has an acceptance rate of only about one-third percent, making it very hard to get into this prestigious school.

7. California State University-Fullerton

Program Details: Master of Science in Education

The University of California, Fullerton enrolls 14400 students, including nearly 6 thousand in graduate studies. U.S. News rates the university No 126 out of 38 for online education programs, in which only 42 percent succeed in entering first-year level courses. At the same time, 56% ultimately graduate from this institution with an average high school GPA.

The online education program at this university is designed for students who want to earn their degrees without leaving home. So rather than committing yourself fully to one place, all your coursework will be conducted remotely through the internet by professors just as passionate about what they teach as you!

8. University Of Southern California

Program Details: Master of Arts in Teaching

The University of Southern California is a private tuition-free university with more than half its students in graduate or professional studies. The school, founded 47 years ago by Abraham Flexner with an average high school GPA requirement for acceptance of 3.79 – graduates 90% of its undergraduate population who have earned doctorates across many different fields, including five Nobel Prize winners!

9. Michigan State University

Program Details: Master of Arts in Education

Michigan State University was an agriculture school from its inception in 1855 until becoming an entire university with more than 50,000 students and 17 colleges offering 200-degree programs. For the past 24 years, U.S. News has ranked their graduate programs in elementary and secondary education No 1!

The master’s in education is a highly specialized and rigorous program that offers students the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Students can specialize across six concentrations: special needs, sports coaching & leadership skills (for those who have experience), technology/learning programs for younger kids through P-12 schools or postsecondary level educational institutions like universities,

10. University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign

Program Details: Master of Education in Educational Policy, Organization, and Leadership

UIUC is a prestigious university that has been producing world-class graduates for generations. The school was founded in 1867 and currently enrolls 4700 students, accepting about two-thirds of those who apply to enter its gates; however, they only graduate 84%. UIUs’ vast alumni network includes 30 Nobel Prize winners and 28 Pulitzer prize winners, showing how much recognition this institution deserves!

11. Ball State University

Program Details: Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision

The five Ball brothers founded this institution in 1899 to provide teacher training schools. Today, more than 22 thousand students are enrolled at seven colleges, and 140 graduate degrees or certificates are available for those who wish to pursue them- including 15 500 online learners from U.S. News & World Report’s list of top 38 universities’ rankings.

The college offers many online graduate programs in educational leadership and supervision, including those for elementary education, special needs educators (such as teaching children with disabilities), and applied behavior analysis specialists who work with students with emotional disorders or learning differences.

The 36-credit-hour Master’s Degree can be earned from this institution within 18-20 months; applicants must also possess two years of experience! Applicants must also complete core courses such as introduction to curriculum theory & policy, which provides insight into how policies shape practices across different sectors.

#12 Clemson University

Program Details: Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

The University of Colorado has a rich history, dating back to 1893. With 20 thousand students now enrolled at the university and more than half accepting tuition offers each year into their program, it’s no surprise that C.U. is one if not the best universities in America for education degrees!

The college’s curriculum offers a dynamic, engaging, and comprehensive education. Core courses comprise 18 credit hours, including learning theory in context with current assessment issues.

Cultural diversity within educational systems and instructional coaching for teachers who want to specialize further in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) topics.

13. University Of Nebraska-Lincoln

Program Details: Master of Education in P-12 Administration

The University of Northern Colorado is a top-ranked institution with roots dating back to 1892. The college enrolls 26 thousand students in 10 colleges, offering 150 majors and ranking No129 out nation by U.S. News; it’s selective – accepting 64%of applicants–and graduates 39%. 

There are also nine online education master’s programs, including curriculum & instruction for various grade levels/subject areas, which make this university an attractive option if you’re looking at going onto your next career track!

Is A Certificate Of Higher Education Worth Anything?

A certificate of higher education is a great way to show potential employers that you have the skills and knowledge they are looking for. It can also help you get a foot in the door at a higher education institution.

Online higher education master’s programs offer many advantages over traditional programs. They are often more flexible and allow you to study at your own pace. Additionally, many online programs offer lower tuition rates than conventional programs.

What Can You Do With A Masters In Higher Education?

A Master’s degree in Higher Education can open the door to various careers in education. With a Master’s degree, you may pursue a career as a college professor, university administrator, or education policy analyst. As a college professor, you will be responsible for teaching courses and conducting research in your field of expertise.

As a university administrator, you will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a university or college. As an education policy analyst, you will conduct research and provide analysis on educational policy issues. In addition to these career options, a Master’s degree in Higher Education can prepare you for a career in student affairs or academic advising.

In these roles, you will guide and support students as they navigate their way through higher education. Regardless of your chosen career path, a Master’s degree in Higher Education can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in higher education. 

How Long Does It Take To Get An Online Master In Higher Education Degree?

The time it takes to obtain an online master’s in Higher Education degree varies depending on the program and the student’s schedule. Still, most students can complete the degree in two to three years.

Most programs require between 30 and 36 credit hours, which can be completed through online coursework, synchronous and asynchronous class sessions, and independent study. Some programs may also require students to complete a practicum or internship experience.

While the online format of most Master in Higher Education programs allows for flexible scheduling, students should expect to devote several hours per week to reading assignments, participating in discussion boards and group projects, and completing other coursework.
With careful planning and a commitment to their studies, most students can complete an online master’s in Higher Education degree within three years. Now let’s look at 5 reasons why you should take CS 50 Havard University and the best engagement strategies for online learning.

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